What you need to know… Blogging for In[Focus] Event

Soooooooooooooo, I’m pretty excited! A while back our friends who organize the In[Focus] asked me to consider blogging for them.  I was really flattered and honored by the request, but I didn’t say yes right away. You see, the prevailing philosophy of In[Focus] is to “pay it forward,” and I wanted to be sure I could come up with a series of videologs and articles which would truly embody what Julian St. Pierre and the other In[Focus] founders had in mind. I noodled on it for a few weeks, then in the middle of the night (that’s when I get most of my best ideas) I realized exactly what I needed to be sharing. I am an event filmmaker, but first and foremost, I still consider myself a journalist. A storyteller. What do journalists do well? They collect information and tell other peoples stories. So that’s what I decided to offer. My intention for the “What you need to know” series is for it to be straight talk from industry insiders with expertise on various subjects for event filmmakers. I’ll throw in our own two-cents as well, but I really want to get to the people with the answers for questions we all have on various event filmmaking topics.

My first topic “What you need to know… About shooting beach weddings,” was one which we know inside out 🙂 You can check it out on the In[Focus] Blog. I rashly offered to post a blooper for each comment on the blog, so if you’d like the opportunity to see me screwing up, watch the clip below 🙂