Do you love color? We do too! If you're looking for dark, moody and muddy, we are not your girls. Our films and photos are vibrant, emotive, and driven by narrative. Our goal in life is to make you laugh and/or cry. Kind of like our love for color, there's nothing bland about our films. You should be able to watch any of them and come away with a sense of who our couples are. Some people just want pretty images set to music, and sure, we can do that, but it's not our happy place, so we tend to veer away from that vibe. We want to get to know you, your family and friends, then create a wedding film which is a reflection of you and the people you love most in this world. That way, when your great grand-children watch your wedding film (a lot of years from now) they "get" you. Leave a legacy behind for them. Not a music video :)

Grab the Tissues

Annie & Corey

Sixpence Studios is a dream team that puts you at ease, captures the day beautifully, and will produce an heirloom to be shared for years. We can’t recommend them enough! Their shots are gorgeous, their editing is perfect, and the quality of the film and sound are amazing.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Sixpence. They are incredibly professional and make you feel so comfortable during the day. I would highly recommend them to any couple!

Gabrielle & Jordan

Sixpence was AMAZING to work with! The video of our special day is such a treasure and we're thrilled to have this to remember the details from the occasion. Joanna was a joy to work with and her creativity is second to none. If you're cutting costs, DON'T do it on videography because you never get to relive the day, so the video is the next best option to reminisce! 

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