Autumn Grafton Vermont Wedding

We are celebrating Pride Month (June) with Christopher and Julian’s stunning autumn Grafton, Vermont wedding!

This June, we’re celebrating Pride Month with a truly special wedding – Chris and Julian’s stunning autumn celebration in Grafton, Vermont! Nestled amidst the vibrant peak foliage and bathed in the soft glow of a full moon, their laid-back ceremony and bonfire party unfolded like a dream.

As a photographer and videographer with a background in journalism, I gravitated towards a “fly on the wall” approach, letting the day unfold naturally. This resulted in a beautiful and authentic record of their love story, filled with genuine emotions and intimate moments.

The vibe? Imagine a perfect blend of intimate, unique, rustic, and pure fun (exactly how Chris and Julian described it!). Chris’ brothers took center stage, officiating the ceremony and explaining the significance of planting a Jefferson Elm during their tree dedication. These moments, captured in both photos and video, are a testament to the deep connection Chris and Julian share with their loved ones.

To add a touch of vintage charm, we incorporated some Super 8mm film into their wedding video. Be sure to scroll down and check it out – it’s a delightful peek into their joyful celebration!

Photographer/Videographer | Sixpence Studios
Venue | Private Residence
Clothing | Stoffa (Julian) J. Crew (Christopher)
Catering | Susanna’s To Go
Florals | Fast Pony Flowers
Textiles | Tenny & Co.
Musicians | Vermont Easy Street Duo

This celebration of Chris and Julian’s love is a beautiful reminder that love comes in all forms, and deserves to be cherished – this month, and always.