You don't get married every day, so we understand you have questions. Below are some of the most common inquiries we receive from our couples.


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Please keep in mind, part of the reason you are hiring us, is that you love the aesthetic of our images and video. When couples ask us this question, we feel like it's often come from some checklist suggested by a wedding publication, and often they don't understand exactly what they are requesting. With video we don't release raw footage for several reasons. First of all, we shoot with multiple cameras and we sync the footage from the various camera angles in post. We shoot mostly in SLOG or FLOG which means that the footage is truly "raw" files with zero color-grading, contrast, or exposure adjustments. Below is a screen grab from a raw video file so that this makes more sense. We also capture most of the audio separately, requiring the audio files to be synced with the footage in post.  Third, it wouldn't really be fair to our couples who have paid for a collection which included doc edits of things like the speeches. Finally, we're just not comfortable with this kind of footage being out there without our post production adjustments and would never want someone else's edit of work to be represented as our brand. 

Honestly, it’s hard to say before the event because we don’t make those choices until we are in post production after the wedding. There is a misconception that you can make any photo look good just by making it b+w, but that is definitely not the case. Some images just BEG for a black and white edit. While others (like where the background is very busy/distracting), don’t work as well in monochrome.
If we had to put an actual number to the percentage of B+W images you’ll receive in your final gallery, we’d say it’ll be between 10% and 30% depending on how your big day unfolds.

3. Can we purchase the "raw" video or images?

4. How much black and white photography do we deliver in the final wedding gallery?

Privacy of Photography Clause
Some clients ask that we refrain from posting their photos on social media. This sometimes happens due to high-profile jobs or positions, past marriage relationships, or protecting the identity of children. If someone feels uncomfortable with their photographs being published on social media, we amend the contract with revised mutually agreed to terms. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • A remarried client did not want her previous spouse to have access to her photos on social media. She, however, felt comfortable with two of her photos being displayed in the website wedding gallery.
  • Parents of a young child acting as a flower girl in a wedding requested that their daughter not be included in the social photos. They wanted to give her the choice in the future to manage her own social media presence.
  • A friends gathering for a college reunion asked that their images not be posted on social media or used on the website in the galleries.
Non-Disclosure Agreement
An NDA creates a confidential relationship between us. With an NDA, we refrain from ever displaying your photographs on any channel, disclosing your name(s), or publicly discussing your event.
Please note, an additional fee applies for an NDA. 
Basic: $750
Celebrity: $2,500

2. Social Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements

A print release is a legal document that grants you personal printing and sharing permissions. Commercial print labs require this document. Examples of personal usage include, but are not limited to:
  • Photographic Prints
  • Wedding Programs
  • Save-the-date Announcements
  • Guest Books
  • Party Favors
  • Gift table or cake table displays
  • Personalized reception table numbers
  • Thank-you Cards
  • Holiday Cards
Some commercial print labs may ask that you present a print release before they complete your job order. 
A print release does not give the right to edit the images, make derivatives of the images, claim the work as your own, enter a contest, submit for publication, or use the images for personal gain. For more information on copyright, please visit
If you are interested in the commercial use of your digital images or submitting your images for publication, please contact us for additional information.

1. What is a print release and what can I do with my images?

LOG Video Footage

Graded Video Footage