Every now and then, there’s an image which I know will stay with me forever. This is one of them. Kristin and Steve chose to say their vows with just three of us to witness the moment. It was intense and beautiful, as sweet Amelia teared up then hugged them tight. I almost felt like […]

Micro Wedding, Vermont

November 15, 2020

A Lincoln, Vermont Micro Wedding – Kristin + Steve (and Amelia)

Want to check out a lovely little Lilac Inn micro-wedding? Jack is from Vermont and Rylee is from Maine. As soon as they got engaged Rylee knew she wanted their wedding to be at a Vermont Bed and Breakfast. They found the lovely Lilac Inn through a google search. After their site visit, knew they’d […]

Brandon, Lilac Inn, Micro Wedding, Vermont

August 5, 2020

A Lilac Inn Wedding in Brandon, Vermont – Rylee + Jack

Lilac Inn Micro Wedding